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Oceanteam provides high quality support to offshore contractors all over the world through its fleet of large and advanced offshore vessels (Oceanteam Shipping), and its expertise in (rental) marine equipment, cable logistics and design engineering (Oceanteam Solutions).

Oceanteam focuses on economically and technically challenging projects for clients in the oil and gas and renewables industries. In addition, we are among the few companies in the world to combine high-end engineering know-how, DNV GL certified shipping and expertise, DNV ISO certified solutions and special purpose equipment in a single ‘one-stop shop’ service, if required.

Whether you need a reliable offshore service provider or a local partner to ensure your assets and services continue to grow, Oceanteam is there for you.

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Our business strategy

Oceanteam’s mission is to provide solution-driven services by combining our engineering, equipment and shipping expertise into a single service in accordance with clients’ requests.
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Key Performance Indicators

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Our financial strategy

Oceanteam has a disciplined financial strategy. We apply diverse sources of financing through many long-term bank relations and as much as possible avoid high-yield bonds. In general, we permanently take actions to improve our credit rating and reduce our costs of capital.
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Amazing views: Oceanteam cable loadout in 360 degrees

Dec 08 2016 Oceanteam Solutions won a contract to supply equipment and services for cable transport and load outs from Asia to Europe in 2016. For this project, Oceanteam earlier successfully performed a cable loadout in Asia. Last month, the Oceanteam Solutions crew finished the project with the successful load out of the cables in the Port of Amsterdam,...

Vessel in the spotlights: our Fast Support Vessels

Dec 02 2016 Oceanteam owns, charters and manages state-of-the-art deepwater offshore support vessels, including four Fast Support Vessels (FSV). Our FSVs are primarily intended for crew transfer, urgent resupply and the transport of response teams and equipment. All of our FSV’s are currently on long-term contracts. Our four FSV’s in a nutshell.

China takes the lead in wind energy

Nov 21 2016 Wind energy becomes more and more an essential and valuable part of the world’s energy markets for the foreseeable future. The total global cumulative wind capacity will be over 705 (!) GW by the end of 2020 according to Navigant Research, a market research and consulting team that provides in-depth analysis of global clean technology markets....
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